Modern Apartment Remodel

Check out our design approach and see how this 2 bedroom, 2 baths outdated 80’s style apartment transformed into a modern and highly desirable place that sold in just a few days after putting it on the market!

The Process

This project was a true labor of expertise and passion. Upon purchasing the 1200 square foot property, we completely stripped down the interior so that we could work from a clean slate. We were looking to create a flawless and cohesive style and our carefully chosen finish materials reflected our approach. The goal of the project was to convert the property into a more modern home. We chose custom elements that created a unique and interesting style, which would inspire possible homebuyers. During this process, we focused on pushing a theme that truly represented a modern, clean, and functional lifestyle. Thanks to our dedication and quality work, the property sold for nearly double the price due to its uniqueness in the area. Remodeling and design creativity is key when it comes to increasing the value of a property.

Check out some of the before an after pictures…


Before & After