About Iv Design

Hi, I’m Ivonka the face behind Iv Design. 

I moved to Chicago in 2002 and got inspired to become an interior designer. After graduating from college, I worked in commercial design providing space planning and design development for chain restaurants.

In 2014 I decided to try residential design and I worked on custom millwork design for high-end properties in the Chicago Land Area. It was a great working experience and taught me to look at design not only from the creative side but to also notice and pay attention to the construction side of it.

In 2018 I created Iv Design to let my creativity flow and help others transform their places. It’s been a fun journey but also a strong learning curve in my career. I love being creative, have strong attention to details and I always strive for perfection which is a blessing but also a curse in my profession!

In 2020 I became a Real Estate Broker as I think it goes hand in hand with my interior design career.

I joined the Keller Williams team and even though I’m still learning the real estate ropes I love helping people finding a house that has a great potential and then use my interior design skills and abilities to turn it into their dream home!

Thank you for joining me on my design and real estate journey and feel free to follow my Instagram or Facebook page @ivdesign.interiors or to reach out if you’d like to connect or have any questions!

All the Best,


Founder of Iv Design