Our Interior Design Process

Renovating or building a new home or a business venue can be a complicated process. It requires extensive planning, and many people feel stressed out about not knowing where to begin and what’s involved in the process. We simplified this process for you by breaking it down into smaller pieces and educating you what’s involved and what you can expect from us in each phase of your project’s journey.


We divided our full-service design process into the following phases:

We understand that each project is different, and your project might not need to go through all these phases. This design process will be modified for you to meet your project’s specific requirements and we will go onto more detail about each of these phases and their timeline during our initial meeting.

Schematic Design

We start our design process by exploring design concepts. We create preliminary floor plans and get general idea of the look and feel.


Here are a few examples of our Conceptual Boards 

From Schematic Design, we go into a more advanced phase called Design Development

Design Development

We dive into more detail and finalize the design concept. We focus on selecting specific finishes, furniture, and create more defined drawings. These drawings include wall elevations, floor plans, custom millwork, and any other documents to help illustrate and clarify the design concept.

By the end of this phase, the design concept will be fully created and most materials selected.

Below are examples of our Auto Cad drawings…


This is the phase where photo realistic renderings are created to help you visualize the space. We find this phase to be the most beneficial as it will allow you to get a feel of the space and if necessary, let you make some final adjustments before the project is built.

Below is a photo of the finished project!

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